Granny Clootie cooks the best clootie dumplings
The Speyside Centre
Skye of Curr
Dulnain Bridge
PH26 3PA
T: 01479 851359
M: 01479 851396
21 ways to enjoy your clootie dumpling

At The Speyside Centre Restaurant in the Scottish Highlands, we serve our dumpling in 21 different ways, see which would make you smile and enjoy:

Sweet Options - All served hot unless stated with detailed topping

Nostalgic Re-union Melted Brandy Butter, Cream, optional Souvenir Card & Silver Coin
Simply Dumpling No topping - can be served cold
Cairngorm Cream
Heather Cream Special Cream, Ice Cream, Heather Cream Liqueur, Chopped Nuts, Black Cherry Preserve
Stag's Breath Special
Cream, Ice Cream & Stag’s Breath Liqueur
Granny’s Treat
Speysider Fruits of the Forest, Cream & Ice Cream
Apricot Delight Apricot Preserve & Cream
Heather Honey Tastebud
A warm covering of Heather Honey & Cream
Black Cherry Beauty
Ice Cream, Bllack Cherry Preserve & Flaked Almonds
Apricot & Apple Surprise
Apricot & Apple Preserve, Cream & Ice Cream
Raspberry Tasty
Warm Raspberry Preserve, Cream & Ice Cream
Strawberry Tasty
Warm Strawberry Preserve, Cream & Ice Cream
Nut Lover’s Crunch
Cream, Ice Cream & Chopped Nuts
Chocolate Dream
Flaked Chocolate & Ice Cream
Heather Cream Special
Cream, Ice Cream & Heather Cream Liqueur
Jumbo Special
Double Dumpling, Warm Syrup & Cream
Rob Roy
Cream, Ice Cream, Butterscotch Topping & a shower of Flaked Almonds
Savoury Options  
All Day Snack
Hot with Lorne Sausage, Tomato, Bread & Butter
Sunrise Brunch
Hot with Lorne Sausage, Bacon, Tomato, Bread & Butter
Sunrise Special
Hot with Lorne Sausage, Bacon, Fried Egg, Tomato, Bread & Butter